New appointment with periodontist and orthodontist

Last 2 weeks were very busy weeks at work. So I was not able to even think about my teeth 🙂 But today I started thinking about the appointment with an orthodontist scheduled for April 2022. Honestly I think this is taking too long. At this very moment I’m 44 years old. Waiting for another 6 months to decide on getting braces yes or no is not acceptable. Someone told me I should start looking around to find another appointment that can be scheduled more quickly.

So I started calling (again) to other orthodontists in a 50 km radius around my house and surprisingly I found one! It is a practice having both periodontists and orthodontists. The women on the phone was very kind and did her best to schedule 2 consecutive appointments on January 27th!. The first appointment will take place at the periodontist office and will take maximum 45 minutes. Immediately after that appointment I can go visit the orthodontist office and it will take 30 minutes.

That day a 3D scan will be made of my mouth. This will be the first time something real will happen and things will get serious. Instead of having to wait for another +7 months I will get a better understanding of my dental situation in max 3 months. I’m very happy with this unexpected twist of my story about getting an implant and / or braces to fix my smile 🙂

I also received some feedback from people visiting this website. They asked me to share a picture of my current situation in my mouth. Soon I’ll share some images but have to find time to take some good pictures.

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