In one day I’ll have my visit at a new dentist

Next Tuesday 9th of November I’ll have a visit at a new dentist. (As you noticed from my previous posts). They called me last Friday to remember me about the appointment at 8h30 in the morning. For sure I didn’t forget! Especially because this will be the appointment I prepared in my mind. I need answers on:

  • How to handle my front death tooth. Will it need to be extracted or do I need another root canal treatment?
  • If it needs to be extracted, what procedure to follow to get an implant?
  • And last but not least: Will I need braces?

It will be the first time I’ll ask about braces because I really want to fix my crooked bottom teeth in combination with the issues I’m experiencing with me top arch. This topic makes me nervous but it feels like I’m ready to go for it.

Will let you know how I experienced my visit to the dentist in my next blog post!

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