Unexpectedly invited at periodontist today!

Last month I made an appointment (scheduled 27th of January 2022) with a periodontist and orthodontist practice. Today I received a phone call if I can come to the periodontist today! (One of their patients cancelled) . Things suddenly move faster! Keep you posted!


I have returned from the periodontist. He told me he will try to save my front tooth trying to avoid having to replace it with an implant. Next steps:

  1. Small treatment 1/2 Gum/bone cleaning Februari 10th 2022
  2. Small treatment 2/2 Gum/bone cleaning Februari 14th 2022
  3. More complex bone grafting treatment front tooth 21 (to be scheduled later on)

This means there is still hope. My first appointment with the orthodontist is still scheduled 27th of January 2022.

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