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Happy 2022!

A New Year has started. It will be an important year. Especially because of things that will start to change with my dental health in the next few months. Periodontist, orthodontist and dentist appointments scheduled and ready to start treatments if needed. The next appointment is scheduled on Thursday 27th of January. It will be the first appointment with an orthodontist to talk about my crooked bottom row teeth and of course the top front tooth that might have to be replaced with an implant.

As the appointments come closer I’m getting more and more nervous. Last weeks I continued reading about the process of wearing braces, about bone grafting and dental implants. Also the topic about “riding pontics” got my attention.

At this very moment there is not much more to say. Keep an eye on my blog to keep up with progress. Thank you everyone for your kind words and motivating me to move on with the treatment. It is little bit scary but I’m convinced, in the end, things will work out fine!

Happy 2022!

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