1st orthodontist appointment

Thursday 27th I experienced my 1st orthodontist appointment. That day I was pretty nervous but I’m happy I went through with it. The appointment took exactly 40 minutes and went pretty fine.

I explained the ortho about my situation together with her assistant. She came to the conclusion I will have to start wearing braces. I asked her if it was possible to go for Invisalign but she quickly responded that this kind of braces wouldn’t work for me. I didn’t expect to come to this conclusion that quickly.

She explained me that she would like to apply metal bracket braces both on top and bottom arches. This will solve following items:

  • My bottom crooked teeth will no longer touch my top front row.
  • The bow of both bottom and top teeth will be wider after the treatment making more room to put an implant in place.
  • My bottom row will be shifted to realign the row to the center again.

She asked me if I am OK with this decision and immediately started:

  • Taking pictures of my teeth (while wearing a cheek retractor).
  • Taking pictures of my teeth using some kind of mirror to get a view on the back of my teeth.
  • Taking pictures of the profile of my face (while standing against the wall). Both front / left and right profiles.
  • Created a mold of my teeth (both top and bottom).
  • And finally went to the X-Ray machine to take an X-Ray from my face.

Afterwards she invited me to look into my calendar to make a new appointment to discuss the treatment plan. To be honest it went all very fast and I experienced this appointment as overwhelming. I still had a lot of questions in my mind:

  • She proposed immediately to use the Damon Metal bracket braces. She didn’t propose to use less showy /flashy brackets like ceramic type?
  • What about the treatment afterwards? Do I need to wear retainers or not?
  • She told me it would take 1 year to finish the treatment
  • She didn’t really discuss my front dead tooth. I guess she will check with the periodontist?

But I did ask her about:

  • I’m a male +40 years. Is it normal to get braces at my age? She told me not to worry about it.
  • If there is a risk to get root resorption. She told me not to worry about it. I have long and pointy teeth. That should be fine.
  • If is was really worth the investment. She told me yes 🙂 (of course)

Even though it was a 40 minute appointment it went very fast. I’m curious about the treatment plan and how the implant will be handled. I’m happy the appointment happened now. I now know for sure I will have to start a braces treatment but didn’t expect this to happen so fast.

When will she propose to start with the treatment? How will metal braces look like on me? I’m very nervous about it for sure! More info to come!

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