Braces and Confidence: What to expect?

Braces and Confidence: What to expect? Now that things start getting serious and I might have to start wearing metal brackets on my teeth… the self consciousness starts kicking in. Again I started looking around to find adult male persons wearing braces, but no “luck” 🙁 Even though a lot of people insured me I shouldn’t be worried about it, I’m starting to feel pretty strange about it. I think one shouldn’t underestimate the consequences of a braces treatment:

  • The fact that my bottom teeth are pretty visible while talking. For sure people will notice them immediately.
  • The cleaning / taking care of sounds very intensive. Brushing my teeth minimum 3 times a day sounds almost impossible!
  • Having to worry each day about my food-habits. I’ll have to avoid some types of food and drinks.
  • Going on business-trip or holiday? What will happen when a bracket pops of? It will ruin my trip!
  • Elastics! Please don’t tell me I’ll have to mess around with elastics while eating?
  • The monthly visits at the orthodontist. How am I going to arrange that? I have to go to work?
  • What will happen if I miss some appointments? Will the orthodontist have to prolong the treatment?
  • Retainers… After finishing the braces treatment it will not be over yet 🙁

As you can see I’m going through a roller coaster of questions. But especially the self consciousness makes me nervous! To be continued.

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