My second perio-cleaning

Last Monday I had my second perio-cleaning. This time the right-ride of my teeth (both top and bottom) have been treated. I was supposed to have my talk with the orthodontist before the perio treatement, but for some reason there was no time left to talk to the orthodontist.

The periodontist put my gums “a sleep” with some nasty syringe stings. I had to wait for 15 minutes to move on with the treatment. While I was waiting the assistant explained me about how to clean my teeth, how to brush as efficient as possible. She also mentioned the importance of cleaning my teeth as soon as I get started with the braces treatment. It was the first time the braces were mentioned so explicitly. I concluded from this talk that orthodontic braces might start getting pretty serious. This made me slightly nervous and stressed.

My periodontist told me not to worry yet because I have to make sure the past two gum cleanings have to be evaluated first in the next 2 months.

After the gum cleaning I had a short talk with the orthodontist-assistant. She explained me I cannot start with the implant/braces because the periodontist asked to wait. But we glossed already over the pricing and some important topics like:

  • Make sure you clean your teeth (preferably 4 times a day) to avoid white spots on your teeth.
  • You have to come back every 4 to 6 weeks to re-activate the braces.
  • After braces treatment you have to wear a retainer (She showed me an Essix-retainer.)
  • Risks involved: Root resorption is possible, white spots.
  • I have to go to the dentist minimum 1 time a year.
  • Treatment might only take maximum 1 year.
  • During retention period I have to go to the orthodontist on regular basis.

So this means, I’ll have to wait to get clearance and move on with the braces and/or implant. My next appointment with the ortho and perio is scheduled on May 16th. But first I’ll have my dentist appointment start of March to get my Amalgam filling removed from one of my molars.

To be honest I was hoping to get a more detailed treatment plan. But it looks like things have to calm down now. I have my second opinion ortho appoitment scheduled end of April. Maybe it is ok/better to hear from this ortho before proceeding May 16th?

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