I will get my amalgam removed

Tomorrow I have a new appointment at my dentist. I will get my amalgam removed from one of my back molar teeth. To be honest I don’t 100% understand why it needs to be removed but I think it is related to the braces treatment I might have to start later on.

I’m not soooo keen on getting the amalgam removed. Especially when you start reading about this topic and how many things that can go wrong. The procedure should be done in a careful and perfect way to avoid getting toxic debris in my body. My dentist told me during my last appointment that she will use a rubber dam to protect me from those toxic items. I guess I’ll have to trust my dentist and pray that my tooth will not be damaged. If the tooth gets damaged I might need a crown to fix it. I’m not looking forward to those extra costs 🙁

I received a reminder about the appointment tomorrow. There was an error in the email, stating that I have an appointment with the Orthodontist. I called the dentist office and they confirmed I’ll have the Amalgam appointment. During that call I asked to put my orthodontist (second opinion) visit one week earlier. Luckily that was possible because week of 25th April I’m not available and focusing on other stuff. I’ll update My journey in appointments-page after finishing this post.

Yesterday I took a picture of the Amalgam tooth. After my appointment I’ll add another post to show you the before and after photos 🙂

I’m curious about what information my dentist received about both the periodontist and orthodontist appointments last month. More info soon!

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