Adult braces dilemma

Today I was thinking about my next appointment end of April. It will be my second orthodontist opinion to check what I should do with my situation. Every time when I start thinking about this appointment I get pretty nervous. I’m afraid that my second opinion orthodontist will confirm what I already heard from the other orthodontist. Sounds little bit confusing but that is exactly like how I feel today. But did you know there exists some kind of “Adult braces dilemma?”

I’m wondering if this second orthodontist will move / shift equally fast like the first one did. You already know that my first orthodontist appointment went incredibly fast (the intro talk, taking pictures, x-rays, molds, … in just 40 minutes!).

I have found a very interesting article about this topic: “The adult case acceptance dilemma”. This article explains in detail how an orthodontist should handle to keep an adult on board. How to put adult patients in braces ASAP after finishing the first appointment. I do recognize a lot of the items discussed in the article:

  • “Are there any other treatment-related questions I can answer for you?”
  • “You are ready to get started. I would like to take the impressions today.”
  • “I will leave you with (TC’s name), and she will review the steps we need to get started.”
  • “I promise we will take great care of you. I know you will be happy you decided to do this.”
  • “I’ll look forward to seeing you in the back.”

It is funny to read what my first orthodontist told me 🙂 As my appointment went almost the same. The article explains a lot. I invite you to read it, before you go to an orthodontist 😉

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