More than one month later…

First I want to say I’m sorry about not writing new stories. I was on holiday and was not able to “work” on this topic. Also my dentist and ortho both were on holiday. My story was some kind of “frozen”.

Today a new month started. I’m home again and normal life is settling down. That means I have to start thinking again about the braces / implant treatment progress I’m making IF I ever want my front tooth to be fixed.

Until yesteday (since July) I didn’t hear anything from my dentist / orthodontist / implantologist. I did send an email to my implantologist last week but never got an answer. So I called my orthodontist. She told me she is waiting for the visit-report from my visit in July at the implant surgeon. My ortho told me to call the surgeon and ask them to send the report. So that is what I did today. I called the surgeon office and they have told me they never sent the report to my dentist or ortho because they… FORGOT! How is that possible? Today the surgeon herself was not in the office so tomorrow they will send the report to both my ortho and dentist.

I hope the orthodontist will take some action after receiving the report from the implant surgeon. Or maybe my dentist will contact me? It looks like everyone was just waiting for a response from another person. I hope I have broken the endless loop of waiting and can continue writing my story here.

Slowing down my braces-story (due to holiday) didn’t help to ease my mind. I started thinking again about how strange I will look like once I started the braces treatment. But things might kick-in very fast now. Depending on the feedback of the specialist.

Hope to give you more info soon!

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