Happy 2023!

Happy 2023! New year, new experiences! Finally things are coming closer and soon I’ll join the adult braces club!

To be honest I’m very nervous about what will come. As you know next week Wednesday my front tooth 21 will be extracted and Thursday my braces (both top and bottom) will be installed.

I have to tell you there might be a very small change of plan! Because I have visited the second opinion implant surgeon. He told me it is better to extract the tooth and wait for 3 months to install the final implant. This will give the bone some time to heal and to make it easier to install the implant in final position.

This makes things little bit more complex because I have 2 appointments scheduled now!!! One at the implant surgeon to extract the tooth + install the immediate implante. And the other appointment with the implant surgeon that will only extract the tooth (delayed implant).

As you can guess I want to talk about it with my dentist. (I hope she won’t be mad at me because I didn’t tell her I had scheduled a second opinion appointment) Should I go for implant surgeon 1 or 2? But after one week my dentist still didn’t receive the treatment plan from surgeon 2. I have the feeling I have been through this before 😉

Probably next week I’ll update my blog and if everything goes fine my treatment will have started with an open gap in my top arch and hopefully a set of metal braces.

Happy 2023! again and… Wish me luck!

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