First braces adjustment!

Yesterday I had my first braces adjustment. My orthodontist replaced my 2 wires with 2 new ones. The previous wires with size 12 on top and 12 at bottom have been replaced with 16 on top and 14 in the bottom arch. The experience was little bit strange.

assistant REMOVING the wires

The assistant asked me what color I wanted. Previously I chose the Gray (not so noticeable) color. I decided to stick to the gray color. I’m not sure (yet) I can handle other more “flashy” colors. Maybe next time? Afterwards she started removing the wire from top and bottom arch. I didn’t go that fluently. She told me the wires were pretty well bound to my teeth :-). Once the wires were removed I immediately felt the pressure on my teeth going down. That means the wires are really working hard to straighten my teeth! The temporary front tooth is still a little bit awkward because it needs to be manipulated little bit differently.

The orthodontist installing new wires

Afterwards my orthodontist joined and started the installation of the brand new wires. She told me I’m progressing nicely in the top arch and decided to use size 16. So she skipped one size. In the bottom arch I stepped up to size 12. In total the procedure took max 15 minutes. I payed for the intervention and went back to work 🙂

In short, my first braces adjustment went fast and pretty fluently! Maybe next time (end of March) I’ll go for another ligature color?

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