First orthodontist appointment

Thursday 27th I experienced my first orthodontist appointment. That day I was pretty nervous but I’m happy I went through with it. The appointment took exactly 40 minutes and went pretty fine. I explained the ortho about my situation together with her assistant. She came to the conclusion I will have to start wearing braces. I asked her if it was possible to go for … Continue reading First orthodontist appointment

This week will be an important week

This week a lot of things are on my mind. Don’t want to move into details, but they are all related to COVID related things. Here in Belgium the COVID cases are increasing incredibly. I’m little bit worried about the fact that my ortho / dentist / perio appointments might be impacted by the COVID situation. Hopefully nothing will have to be canceled by myself … Continue reading This week will be an important week

Happy 2022!

A New Year has started. It will be an important year. Especially because of things that will start to change with my dental health in the next few months. Periodontist, orthodontist and dentist appointments scheduled and ready to start treatments if needed. The next appointment is scheduled on Thursday 27th of January. It will be the first appointment with an orthodontist to talk about my … Continue reading Happy 2022!

Unexpectedly invited at periodontist today!

Last month I made an appointment (scheduled 27th of January 2022) with a periodontist and orthodontist practice. Today I received a phone call if I can come to the periodontist today! (One of their patients cancelled) . Things suddenly move faster! Keep you posted! Edit: I have returned from the periodontist. He told me he will try to save my front tooth trying to avoid … Continue reading Unexpectedly invited at periodontist today!

Returned from endodontologist last Thursday

I returned from endodontologist last Thursday. It looks like everything is fine with the root of my tooth number 21. The root canal treatment they did (almost 2 years ago) fixed the issue with the root of the tooth. I thought that was great news but now he will forward me to a periodontist. Something is still wrong with my bone next to tooth 21. … Continue reading Returned from endodontologist last Thursday

In one day I’ll have my visit at a new dentist

Next Tuesday 9th of November I’ll have a visit at a new dentist. (As you noticed from my previous posts). They called me last Friday to remember me about the appointment at 8h30 in the morning. For sure I didn’t forget! Especially because this will be the appointment I prepared in my mind. I need answers on: How to handle my front death tooth. Will … Continue reading In one day I’ll have my visit at a new dentist

New appointment with periodontist and orthodontist

Last 2 weeks were very busy weeks at work. So I was not able to even think about my teeth 🙂 But today I started thinking about the appointment with an orthodontist scheduled for May 2022. Honestly I think this is taking too long. At this very moment I’m 44 years old. Waiting for another 6 months to decide on getting braces yes or no … Continue reading New appointment with periodontist and orthodontist

Yes!, I received my first “like” :-)

Last week someone visited my blog and gave it a first “like”. That means at least one person is interested in what I’m posting 😉 I know at this very moment I can’t share a lot of information but that will change soon. Depending on the outcome of my visit at a new dentist on 9th of November I will know what direction my implant/braces … Continue reading Yes!, I received my first “like” 🙂