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Amalgam Before & After

As you have been reading on this blog I had my molar amalgam removal appointment yesterday. Things went fine and fluent! As promised I would share the before and after images… You can find them down below! The appointment went pretty fluent. My dentist used a green latex dental dam to protect me from swallowing amalgam particles. The aesthetic result is way better than expected. My next appointment with my general dentist will be in November. We discussed the progress… Read More »Amalgam Before & After

Tomorrow I get my Amalgam removed

Tomorrow I have a new appointment at my dentist to remove the Amalgam from one of my back molar teeth. To be honest I don’t 100% understand why it needs to be removed but I think it is related to the braces treatment I might have to start later on. I’m not soooo keen on getting the amalgam removed. Especially when you start reading about this topic and how many things that can go wrong. The procedure should be done… Read More »Tomorrow I get my Amalgam removed

Periodontal cleaning phase 2/2 & Orthodontist

Last Monday I had my second periodontal cleaning. This time the right-ride of my teeth (both top and bottom) have been treated. I was supposed to have my talk with the orthodontist before the perio treatement, but for some reason there was no time left to have the ortho-talk. The periodontist put my gums “a sleep” with some nasty syringe stings. I had to wait for 15 minutes to move on with the treatment. While I was waiting the assistant… Read More »Periodontal cleaning phase 2/2 & Orthodontist

Periodontal cleaning phase 1/2

Thursday 10th I had my first periodontal cleaning. To be honest I underestimated the procedure. Didn’t expect the anesthesia syringe to hurt like that. The periodontist gave me about 10 of them. He decided to start with the left half of both top and bottom teeth. After the syringes the treatment went well. The treatment took 45 minutes in total. Next Monday (on Valentin’s day!) I’ll receive the same periodontal treatment on the other half (right side) of my mouth.… Read More »Periodontal cleaning phase 1/2

Braces and Confidence: What to expect?

Now that things start getting serious and I might have to start wearing metal brackets on my teeth… the self consciousness starts kicking in. Again I started looking around to find adult male persons wearing braces, but no “luck” 🙁 Even though a lot of people insured me I shouldn’t be worried about it, I’m starting to feel pretty strange about it. I think one shouldn’t underestimate the consequences of a braces treatment: The fact that my bottom teeth are… Read More »Braces and Confidence: What to expect?

First orthodontist appointment

Thursday 27th I experienced my first orthodontist appointment. That day I was pretty nervous but I’m happy I went through with it. The appointment took exactly 40 minutes and went pretty fine. I explained the ortho about my situation together with her assistant. She came to the conclusion I will have to start wearing braces. I asked her if it was possible to go for Invisalign but she quickly responded that this kind of braces wouldn’t work for me. I… Read More »First orthodontist appointment

This week will be an important week

This week a lot of things are on my mind. Don’t want to move into details, but they are all related to COVID related things. Here in Belgium the COVID cases are increasing incredibly. I’m little bit worried about the fact that my ortho / dentist / perio appointments might be impacted by the COVID situation. Hopefully nothing will have to be canceled by myself or the practices. Thursday will be the BIG day because it will be my first… Read More »This week will be an important week

Happy 2022!

A New Year has started. It will be an important year. Especially because of things that will start to change with my dental health in the next few months. Periodontist, orthodontist and dentist appointments scheduled and ready to start treatments if needed. The next appointment is scheduled on Thursday 27th of January. It will be the first appointment with an orthodontist to talk about my crooked bottom row teeth and of course the top front tooth that might have to… Read More »Happy 2022!

2nd Ortho appointment rescheduled

Today I received a phone call of the ortho-office if it is possible to move my Ortho-appointment, scheduled on 10th of May, 2 weeks earlier. That’s fine to me 🙂 Updated my “Journey in appointments” page… I also added the cost involved for each and every appointment.

Unexpectedly invited at periodontist today!

Last month I made an appointment (scheduled 27th of January 2022) with a periodontist and orthodontist practice. Today I received a phone call if I can come to the periodontist today! (One of their patients cancelled) . Things suddenly move faster! Keep you posted! Edit: I have returned from the periodontist. He told me he will try to save my front tooth trying to avoid having to replace it with an implant. Next steps: Small treatment 1/2 Gum/bone cleaning Februari… Read More »Unexpectedly invited at periodontist today!