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In one day I’ll have my visit at a new dentist

Next Tuesday 9th of November I’ll have a visit at a new dentist. (As you noticed from my previous posts). They called me last Friday to remember me about the appointment at 8h30 in the morning. For sure I didn’t forget! Especially because this will be the appointment I prepared in my mind. I need answers on: How to handle my front death tooth. Will it need to be extracted or do I need another root canal treatment? If it… Read More »In one day I’ll have my visit at a new dentist

New appointment with periodontist and orthodontist

Last 2 weeks were very busy weeks at work. So I was not able to even think about my teeth 🙂 But today I started thinking about the appointment with an orthodontist scheduled for May 2022. Honestly I think this is taking too long. At this very moment I’m 44 years old. Waiting for another 6 months to decide on getting braces yes or no is not acceptable. Someone told me I should start looking around to find another appointment… Read More »New appointment with periodontist and orthodontist

Yes!, I received my first “like” :-)

Last week someone visited my blog and gave it a first “like”. That means at least one person is interested in what I’m posting 😉 I know at this very moment I can’t share a lot of information but that will change soon. Depending on the outcome of my visit at a new dentist on 9th of November I will know what direction my implant/braces story will go. In the meantime I continue reading about topics like bone grafting, implants,… Read More »Yes!, I received my first “like” 🙂

Reading and learning about braces and implants

For some reason I can’t let go the idea to get started with this adventure. Still can’t believe I’m doing this. Trying to understand the impact and idea of getting braces and one implant at my age. Last week I spent a lot of time on the internet to understand how it works. I’m reading a lot of blogs and articles. Also on YouTube I have found a lot of valuable information. Until now I can’t find much information about… Read More »Reading and learning about braces and implants

Contacted two more orthodontists but no luck

Yesterday I tried to contact two more orthodontists that are “acceptable” close to the place I live. The first one told me immediately that they don’t accept new patients. The typical “patient-stop” answer. The second one started asking me some questions. “Would you like Invisalign or braces with brackets?”. Personally I think this is a strange question. At this very moment I still hope I don’t need braces. How am I supposed to know what kind of braces I will… Read More »Contacted two more orthodontists but no luck

Waiting for my appointments on November 9th 2021 and May 10th 2022

As you might have noticed on my About Me page, I have made an appointment with another more specialized dentist to get a second opinion. This practice is specialized in general dental work, root canal treatment and orthodontics. It will be easier to be redirected to another specialization if needed. This dentist will take over my yearly checkup and I will have a talk about my dental health. I’m also very curious about what needs to be done to fix… Read More »Waiting for my appointments on November 9th 2021 and May 10th 2022