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A Doctor’s Appointment

I’m back from the dentist!

I just returned from the dentist. This was my 3rd opinion and I have the feeling it was a good visit. The dentist explained me about my dental health and how I should proceed to fix some things. First, my front tooth. It looks like it is still not stabilized and I should look into it asap. I received a letter explaining the situation and to get a second root canal treatment. So this morning I immediately made an appointment… Read More »I’m back from the dentist!

In one day I’ll have my visit at a new dentist

Next Tuesday 9th of November I’ll have a visit at a new dentist. (As you noticed from my previous posts). They called me last Friday to remember me about the appointment at 8h30 in the morning. For sure I didn’t forget! Especially because this will be the appointment I prepared in my mind. I need answers on: How to handle my front death tooth. Will it need to be extracted or do I need another root canal treatment? If it… Read More »In one day I’ll have my visit at a new dentist

New appointment with periodontist and orthodontist

Last 2 weeks were very busy weeks at work. So I was not able to even think about my teeth 🙂 But today I started thinking about the appointment with an orthodontist scheduled for May 2022. Honestly I think this is taking too long. At this very moment I’m 44 years old. Waiting for another 6 months to decide on getting braces yes or no is not acceptable. Someone told me I should start looking around to find another appointment… Read More »New appointment with periodontist and orthodontist

Contacted two more orthodontists but no luck

Yesterday I tried to contact two more orthodontists that are “acceptable” close to the place I live. The first one told me immediately that they don’t accept new patients. The typical “patient-stop” answer. The second one started asking me some questions. “Would you like Invisalign or braces with brackets?”. Personally I think this is a strange question. At this very moment I still hope I don’t need braces. How am I supposed to know what kind of braces I will… Read More »Contacted two more orthodontists but no luck