Some changes to my website theme

Today I played around with the layout and theme of my website. I didn’t like the previous theme so I wanted to change it. This way my website is fully prepared for the future and hopefully I can share many more stories and experiences about my exciting journey. I might have to add some picture(s) on the front page and I’ll check that out later on. I hope you like it!

Only 8 days to go to get my second opinion… To brace or not to brace? To implant or not to implant? 🙂 That are the questions running through my mind!

I received my first “like” :-)

I received my first “like” 🙂 Last week someone visited my blog and gave it a “like”. That means at least one person is interested in what I’m posting 😉 I know at this very moment I can’t share a lot of information but that will change soon. Depending on the outcome of my visit at a new dentist on 9th of November I will know what direction my implant/braces story will go.

In the meantime I continue reading about topics like bone grafting, implants, the numbering of teeth (my problem tooth is number 9), types of braces (to make room for the implant), retainers (like the Hawley retainer), and especially the social part of getting braces after 40. If I understood correctly 25% of orthodontic patients are adult. More and more people start wearing braces at adult age. And this gives me the courage to make the big jump.

In the next few weeks I’ll add more topics to my blog. I already added a section about my future treatment plan, but also a section where I can put pictures. If you have any ideas please let me know. The more info I can share about this adventure, the better. Keep you posted!