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Something I learned / found out recently!

The adult case acceptance dilemma

Today I was thinking about my next appointment end of April. It will be my second orthodontist opinion to check what I should do with my situation. Every time when I start thinking about this appointment I get pretty nervous. I’m afraid that my second opinion orthodontist will confirm what I already heard from the other orthodontist. Sounds little bit confusing but that is exactly like how I feel today. I’m also wondering if this second orthodontist will move /… Read More »The adult case acceptance dilemma

Reading and learning about braces and implants

For some reason I can’t let go the idea to get started with this adventure. Still can’t believe I’m doing this. Trying to understand the impact and idea of getting braces and one implant at my age. Last week I spent a lot of time on the internet to understand how it works. I’m reading a lot of blogs and articles. Also on YouTube I have found a lot of valuable information. Until now I can’t find much information about… Read More »Reading and learning about braces and implants