Bottom braces in January

It looks like January 2023 will be the real start of my treatment. I have visited my Ortho last week. We decided to start with the treatment of my bottom teeth. For now it will be a single-arch treatment because I have to wait for some feedback from my implant surgeon. The ortho appointment only took 30 minutes. We discussed the options and signed the contract!

The decision to move forward makes me nervous because it is pretty definitive. But I’m also happy because this was taking way too long. Tomorrow I’ll call my implant surgeon to discuss the treatment / extraction of my front tooth (and when to schedule it). My ortho told me the top teeth don’t necessarily need braces, but to make things perfect she suggests to go for it. I will check with the surgeon at what faze the top braces can be installed. My ortho didn’t want to start with the top arch because of the bad front tooth.

I have selected the basic damon metal braces. Because they won’t stain after drinking coffee (yes, I drink lots’o coffee!) and eating some spicy food! Metal braces are less expensive than ceramic braces, this is also a reason to not go for ceramic.

I btw, the braces treatment of my bottom arch will take +/- 9 months. That is acceptable… Isn’t it?

More I can’t say. A lot will depend on what my implant surgeon will say. As you know I also have schedule a second opinion implant surgeon appointment in January next year! More info to come soon!

I’m feeling little bit frustrated

I started this journey in July 2021. Hoping to find a solution to fix my front tooth. In the meantime I know it cannot be saved. To come to this conclusion I had to pay +/- 1000€ (in total). Now I was hoping to get my final treatment plan. But for some reason things are slowing down. At this very moment I still don’t know when my braces will be installed nor do I know when the implant can be installed. As I’m getting older AND I’m not THAT keen on starting a braces treatment at adult age… I’m getting a little bit frustrated.

Last week I called to the implantologist again asking about the medical file that should have been sent to my dentist end of July. The receptionist told me the file was NOT YET (?) sent to my dentist and/or orthodontist. I can’t believe she didn’t do this even after sending her 2 emails. And things even got worse… she will be on honeymoon for the next 2 weeks. (1 week passed already).

I also sent and email to my dentist, asking her (again) if she received my medical record from the implantologist. But also there… no reaction!

I felt very frustrated so I called another implant surgeon. I did some research on the internet. The surgeon is working in a hospital close to the orthodontist practice. But again… another “problem” popped up. I asked for an appointment… They have scheduled me on January 4th !!!!!! 🙁 They can’t be serious? That means I’m almost trying 2 years to fix that tooth!!! I really don’t want to think about this and hope that my dentist or the surgeon will contact me ASAP.

I feel ready now. The sooner I get news from the orthodontist and implantologist, the better! I’ll just jump into the treatment with or without adult braces but hopefully with a new front tooth implant!

My first visit @implant surgeon

As mentioned in my previous blog post I have canceled my visit at my paradontologist end of this year. It is all taking too long so I called my dentist and asked her what to do. She suggest to make an appointment with an implant surgeon and to discuss next steps with him/her. I have scheduled this appointment a few weeks ago but didn’t update my site until now. So tomorrow: my first visit @implant surgeon.

I’m very curious about what will happen. Probably I’ll have to explain everything over again, but OK I’m getting used to it. I’ll mention the story of the bone grafting (about the braces and the visits i have had at the periodontist). The visit tomorrow might drop some light on the questions I have. I hope I don’t have to undergo X-rays again…

Will keep you posted!

Braces and Confidence: What to expect?

Braces and Confidence: What to expect? Now that things start getting serious and I might have to start wearing metal brackets on my teeth… the self consciousness starts kicking in. Again I started looking around to find adult male persons wearing braces, but no “luck” 🙁 Even though a lot of people insured me I shouldn’t be worried about it, I’m starting to feel pretty strange about it. I think one shouldn’t underestimate the consequences of a braces treatment:

  • The fact that my bottom teeth are pretty visible while talking. For sure people will notice them immediately.
  • The cleaning / taking care of sounds very intensive. Brushing my teeth minimum 3 times a day sounds almost impossible!
  • Having to worry each day about my food-habits. I’ll have to avoid some types of food and drinks.
  • Going on business-trip or holiday? What will happen when a bracket pops of? It will ruin my trip!
  • Elastics! Please don’t tell me I’ll have to mess around with elastics while eating?
  • The monthly visits at the orthodontist. How am I going to arrange that? I have to go to work?
  • What will happen if I miss some appointments? Will the orthodontist have to prolong the treatment?
  • Retainers… After finishing the braces treatment it will not be over yet 🙁

As you can see I’m going through a roller coaster of questions. But especially the self consciousness makes me nervous! To be continued.

Important week!

Important week! This week a lot of things are on my mind. Don’t want to move into details, but they are all related to COVID related things. Here in Belgium the COVID cases are increasing incredibly. I’m little bit worried about the fact that my ortho / dentist / perio appointments might be impacted by the COVID situation. Hopefully nothing will have to be canceled by myself or the practices. Thursday will be the BIG day because it will be my first orthodontist visit ever. Hopefully I can just move on with the implant of my front tooth without the need of having to start braces treatment because I really don’t look forward having to wear braces at my age. Fingers crossed! For sure detailed write-up will follow later this week!

Happy 2022!

Happy 2022! A New Year has started. It will be an important year. Especially because of things that will start to change with my dental health in the next few months. Periodontist, orthodontist and dentist appointments scheduled and ready to start treatments if needed. The next appointment is scheduled on Thursday 27th of January. It will be the first appointment with an orthodontist to talk about my crooked bottom row teeth and of course the top front tooth that might have to be replaced with an implant.

As the appointments come closer I’m getting more and more nervous. Last weeks I continued reading about the process of wearing braces, about bone grafting and dental implants. Also the topic about “riding pontics” got my attention.

At this very moment there is not much more to say. Keep an eye on my blog to keep up with progress. Thank you everyone for your kind words and motivating me to move on with the treatment. It is little bit scary but I’m convinced, in the end, things will work out fine!

Happy 2022!

New general dentist?

As you might have noticed on my About Me page, I have made an appointment with another more specialized dentist to get a second opinion. This practice is specialized in general dental work, root canal treatment and orthodontics. It will be easier to be redirected to another specialization if needed. Will I have a new general dentist soon?

This dentist will take over my yearly checkup and I will have a talk about my dental health. I’m also very curious about what needs to be done to fix my crooked bottom teeth and how to fix my top front dead tooth.

In Belgium there is a waiting list to fix an appointment with an orthodontist. Even though I’m not sure (hopefully not) I might need an orthodontic treatment I requested an appointment. They have scheduled me on April 21th 2022 (!)