Interesting braces-related links I found on the internet

I have been reading TONS of implant, braces, orthodontics and dental related websites. From time to time I find the website that interesting I decided to collect them on this page.

How do braces work? Understanding your braces

This type of fixed braces will be (probably) applied on me:

How teeth impressions/molds are made:

Exactly the situation I’m in. Very interesting braces / implant related cases:

A website for adults in orthodontic braces:

This link gave me some confidence:

I have found following interesting link. Comparable to my case? Preparing to get an implant while wearing braces:

What Can I eat with braces?

If I have to I will go for full metal brackets and not ceramics. Why?

Today (16/5/22), my orthodontist told me she might want to try a bone graft procedure as described here: