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My journey in appointments

Here you can find the different treatments I did undergo and will have to undergo to fix my smile! It will give you some insight in doctors / treatment times and costs involved.

Appointment DateTypeReasonCost (€)
02/Sept/2021DentistYearly visit69 €
23/Sept/2021DentistAppointment to fix an issue with a molar tooth (filling)97 €
09/Nov/2021DentistVisit to other dentist to get second opinion about my front tooth. Bitewing X-Ray + Panoramic X-Ray169 €
18/Nov/2021EndodontologistQuick Checkup the root canal treatment I received start of last year 202030 €
22/Nov/2021PeriodontistFirst appointment130 €
27/Jan/2022Orthodontist ITo check if I need braces80 €
10/Feb/2022PeriodontistFirst “cleaning” session130 €
14/Feb/2022PeriodontistSecond “cleaning” session130 €
14/Feb/2022Orthodontist ITreatment plan
10/Mar/2022DentistRemove amalgam from molar tooth148 €
21/Apr/2022Orthodontist IITo check if I need braces (2nd opinion)45 €
16/May/2022Periodontist / Orthodontist IRe-evaluate condition teeth125 €
05/Jul/2022First visit implantologistFirst visit to implantologist185 €
17/Oct/2022PeriodontistFlap surgery tooth 21 – bone graft [Not sure yet I will go for this option] I decided to cancel the bone-graft surgery and contact a implant surgeon. See 05/Jul/2022
15/Nov2022DentistYearly checkup
1338 €
My journey translated in appointments