The journey

A few months ago I started thinking about getting my teeth straightened after visiting my dentist during my yearly checkup. My dentist told me I have a dead upper front tooth and I should fix it ASAP (parodontitis issue) by replacing it with a fake tooth (implant). I didn’t expect this to happen and was literally shocked. The journey…

I started researching / searching the internet like crazy. Reading stories about what it means to get an implant. I found some answers, but still I have a lot of questions on my mind:

  • What procedures are needed to replace my front tooth with an implant?
  • What about my other teeth? My bottom row is crooked? Should I fix this too?
  • Is it really true I will need braces to make space for the implant ? If yes, both bottom and top rows?
  • Getting braces at my age… 44. Oh my? Are there other people around experiencing the same issue?
  • What will people think at work / family / friends IF I have to start wearing braces?
  • Placing an implant? Does it hurt?
  • I’m an adult male human being… Is it strange to get braces?

This is where the idea popped up to create this blog. I will update this blog as frequently as possible to give you insight in what will happen in the next few months / years.

My personal research tells me I will have to go for the implant 99%. The braces part I don’t want to think about yet. But it looks like also that topic will come into play. And it makes me nervous. Very nervous.

Honestly I hope that both the implant and braces are not necessary and that I’m just experiencing a bad dream. In the meantime I will share as much as information as possible to inform you about my dental adventure.

If you have any questions or remarks while reading through my blog, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact page on this blog.

Soon I’ll get a better picture on what will follow. Fixing my smile might take longer than I thought. This journey page will consist of a lot of information. I’ll post my treatment plan and photos taken during treatment. Come back later to keep track of the progress.