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Welcome to my personal blog “Getting braces at age 44”. On this website I will write my full story about the different steps I will have to conquer to get some issues fixed with my teeth. Even though I’m not sure I will really get braces, I started this blog to help me mentally through the process. I know it might sound a little bit strange to start creating a blog about this topic but I’m convinced a lot of people will learn from it. I’m updating this website as often as possible. After every appointment or event I’ll start blogging ASAP 🙂

Below you can find 3 of my most recent blog posts! I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my journey. Please send me a message if you have any questions related to this topic!

Here you can find my most recent blog posts:

Mail to my general dentist

Today I have sent an email to my general dentist asking her how to proceed. I asked her if she already received the medical report of my last visit at the implantologist / periodontist. For some reason she was able to reply back to me in one hour. She told me she didn’t receive… Read More »Mail to my general dentist


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